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IMEA 2009

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Upon my reflection of IMEA (Illinois Music Educators Association) I am always charged, energized, and completely exhausted. I feel that music education is at the brink of complete change and now is the time to be the change. Ironically, that one the title of one of the songs presented at the Jazz Concert Friday night, “”Be the Change.” There were so many good presentations and concerts, plus with the sound of music echoing throughout all convention sites, I felt like I was “with my people.” Since I am in a small school, the only music comes from the band room upstairs and my room, I love hearing music coming from every room reminds me of my collegiate days.

Brenda Muench, John Heath, and Carol Broos

Brenda Muench, John Heath, and Carol Broos

It started out like a bang; Brenda Muench was presented the “Mary Hoffman” award for excellence, basically IMEA – “Music Teacher of the Year.” Brenda and I are collaborating together with the Composer Collaborative, she has taught me so much. Last year I met John Heath, IMEA-President-Elect, he is amazing and his jest for life is so engaging.

On Friday, I presented “Be A Techie is an Hour.” It was extremely fast-paced and I know that people came away with their heads spinning. I had a least four people that are now following me on twitter/plurk or Facebook. So, some shift is happening.

We had a small roundtable concerning the state of music and it’s future at IMEA. There is a school district those blocks ANYTHING with the word “music.” Imagine the outrage if schools blocked “science” or “reading.” It would be the top of the news. Even in the more restrictive societies, music is not blocked. Being blocked at schools is the one of the major problems facing education today. That was one of the saddest moments at the convention.

Carol after eating the cake

Carol after eating the chocolate cake

Carol and Brenda ready for chocolate cake

Brenda and Carol ready to dig into chocolate cake

We always go to a wonderful fish restaurant.Brenda and I shared a delicious piece of chocolate cake, by seeing these pictures you can see I really enjoyed the moment. My favorite concert is the Friday night Jazz concert, which this year had special meaning. Two of my old advisees were performing; one made the All-State Honors Vocal Jazz Ensemble, the other the All-State Honors Jazz Ensemble, first chair trumpet. They both had solos and performed beautifully. I loved talking to them after the concert. They are both highly talented students in junior high, and surprise, took piano lessons at a young age.

Saturday, my presentation was at 8:00, “Music 2.0: Create. Share, Post, and Comment.” This is my favorite presentation because I show student files that have been posted, along with comments. The teachers wanted to know about “Hooked on Classics.” So, I posted the names of the songs on my musictechie.pbwiki.com site.

I always come away from IMEA happy I went and I am charged for the rest of the year. It was a magnificent conference.

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