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I Want To Change The Way Music Is Taught

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I want to change the way that music education is taught in the schools. The reason I wanted to teach music is that my experience with music teachers at my junior high and high school was well, a very BAD experience. They tried to teach “how” to read music (something I already knew) or were stuck on teaching the classics (boring) I even played piano better than them and understood music theory, which got them really heated when I told them they were wrong, which they were.

I got my passion for music in the church and outside the school environment. My entire public school experience was a wash. So, when I met with Peter Webster at Northwestern University today about my sabbatical,  I met a kindred spirit. He is an amazing professor, with great insight and ideas. I explained to him that “I want to change the world on how music education is taught.”  If I see one more teacher “try” to teach “how” to read music without an instrument I am going to scream. In today’s world more and more students are uploading videos, participating in group bands, or listening to music. We have the best subject, EVERYONE, knows it. So, why are we trying to teach reading music instead of “organizing” sound?

ChangeOne of my projects on my sabbatical will look at creativity and composition and how students compose, either with loops or notation, and how they make  movies flow artistically. As a musicians we understand how dynamics and tempo interact. We also understand performance and how to present visual arts with sound. THAT is what we need to teach.

So, since I am teaching composition at the moment, I am going to document the actual process of creativity. Thank you Peter Webster for making me think outside of the box and push me to change the world.

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