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Golden Apple on youtube

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I spent the better time of the weekend setting up a youtube channel for the Golden Apple Foundation. It is an amazing foundation concerning the that “all students have excellent teachers. Over a month ago, eleven of us, lead by Dom Belmonte, our CEO/President conducted a roundtable about education. It was done the day after President Obama was inaugurated and the same day that one of the Board of Directors, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools, was confirmed as Education Secretary in the Obama cabinet. The video was sent to Secretary Duncan. He has always supported the Golden Apple Foundation and recently attended the Golden Apple Gala that I was honored at in September. What I didn’t realize is that Golden Apple wanted the entire roundtable on youtube. They needed help in getting the “channel” set up. (I am sitting stage left of Dom)
I didn’t realize is the new restrictions on youtube. You can only post ten-minute videos. That is fine, because I feel anything over six minutes is way TOO long. I edited the roundtable into twenty viewable videos, placing individual titles on each one post. Please go the channel and let me know if there should be any changes.

I am getting Golden Apple into the social media scene. I don’t mind that it took me  time or that nobody really knew how to do it. They were INTERESTED and passionate in getting the site up and running. That’s my standard: the willingness to accept the new media and run with it. I also set up a twitter account, along with a gmail address to have of the emails come to that address instead of an email I have.

Finally, I set up a Facebook group for those on Facebook. It is going to take awhile to get the other Fellows and Scholars involved in this new media, but when they do, I know I will have a lot more educators see the “light” that web 2.0 is here to stay, (and a lot of fun!)

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