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Presentation Practice

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The day before the presentation, make sure all tech stuff is ready to go for the presentation. View the presentation as a show. You must rehearse before you can perform. Have the students drop the file, the day before the presentation. Then go over the presentation on your computer, or server. Nothing is more disheartening is the lack of practice in this area. Many teachers do not do this step and when presentation day comes, students expect a presentation, not disorganization due to your lack of preparation in the tech side of it. Have a board where students sign up for the order they want to present and have them sign up before the presentation day. You may get through six projects on one day or maybe only four. Finally, allow ten minutes at the start of each presentation day for the presenters to get organized. Allow the other students have open lab, which is always a hit. With this practice and run-through, a wonderful performing presentation will occur.

Students may ask “how did you do that?’ or there might be a teaching moment that you can interject when the project is completed. Being an artist, it is the last minute “twinking” of project, the simple sound editing or fading of the music or pictures that moves the project from ordinary to spectacular. This is where the individual teacher response for the project is important. You may need five or ten minutes to edit the project privately with the student or you can do it on the fly in front of the class. Knowing your individual student, you will know what will be appropriate for each individual student and/or project.

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