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Left-brain or Right-brain Day?

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The first day I explain, “left-brain” day, and “right-brain” time. Start the very first day along with the rules of the classroom. Students love this method. On a “left-brain” day, everyone must click with the teacher and we cannot go forward until everyone is on the “same (web) page.” This fosters group work. I can also see the problems that arise.

When starting a new program, you can simply show how to start the program and all the basic steps to the program. If this is a project, explain it from the website with the guidelines, rules, and grading. This should only be at most twenty minutes. Move fast as the pages load. After twenty minutes, you will experience students getting restless. On the first day after the “left brain” part of the lesson, the rest of the time is an experimental day. They do not have to save; they should explore the program for the rest of the period.

The second day, spend ten minutes in “left-brain” day. Repeating the entire first lesson at a faster pace. You want to make sure everyone understands what is expected so no “re-teaching” of basic parts has to be accomplished at a later date. Not to say that you won’t have to remind student’s simple short cuts, but you don’t have to completely re-teach. Re-teaching can slow your material down. The slower and methodical you are the first day, the better. The second day move faster. Never show previous work that other students have done in the class. Students tend to copy each other and not think outside the box.

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