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Cody Fry, always a musician and a class act

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I got an email from Cody on Friday about being the feature story in the Arts and Entertainment section of the Chicago Tribune “Disney’s Next Big Thing?” He is an amazing musician as well as a person with great depth. I have written about Cody before, but to see a young artist’s career take off and witness its growth is so exciting. He is currently in second place for Disney’s Next Big Thing. So, if you have the time, go to Radio Disney and vote.

In the words of Cody, “More importantly, I would love to hear what you think of my music, because that’s what it’s really about anyway. Getting a bunch of people to vote is one thing, but having music that truly resonates with people is my ultimate goal. So feel free to drop me an email with your thoughts!”

For those who haven’t heard of Cody Fry, you will. Not only will he hit it big, but  I predict a super star. First, he is comfortable in is own skin and understands himself, fame and fortune will not change his core values and they way he treats others. Second, he is an amazing talented musician.

What instrument hasn’t he mastered? What technology hasn’t he used? He started playing the piano at an early age. While in band at Sunset Ridge, he played trumpet and percussion. He quickly picked up the guitar and in high school, started singing jazz. Senior year brought him to Peoria performing solos in the Illinois Music Educators Association Honors Jazz Choir, just as the curtain was pulled; he jumped on a plane to LA for the Grammy Camp to play piano for a benefit concert for Quincy Jones.

During his tenure at Sunset Ridge, he developed Stage Crew into what it is today. Lighting, sound, and movie making were his thing. Technology was his instrument with movies and special effects.  Of course, he was always composing and creating every moment he could. I told him back then, that “you have so many gifts, it is going to be exciting to see what you REALLY end up doing in your  life.” I always knew he was born to greatness.

So, take the time to vote and comment, in full web 2.0, Cody loves and thrives on feedback, drop him an email or just comment on his website.

Important Links:

Cody’s Website – http://codyfry.com/

Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing – http://radio.disney.go.com/artists/nbt/codyfry/rating.html

Chicago Tribune Article about Cody – http://www.chicagotribune.com/features/arts/chi-0405-cody-fry-coverapr05,0,1084504.story

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