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Awards, not Grades

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Over the years I have developed the “Fine Arts Assmebly” into a grand event. It all started when I sat through our yearly academic assembly years ago, and realized none of my students were getting awards. So, I asked if I could be part of the assembly. Presto! Then, because I teach the entire school and I invited the rest of the fine arts to participate, the academic awards got to be too long. They asked me if I would have a separate assembly. Yipee:) If the fine arts cannot put on the best assembly, then we have no business being in the fine arts.

I began to realize that my students really were more interested in the awards than grades. I basically give everyone an A, but I do not give everyone an award. I have a list for each grade level as to what they must do to get a specific award. (See my main site www.carolbroos.com > classes, each class has an award page) I added a “Diva” award five years ago for the female student who excelled in the performing arts. The next year I added a “Music Man” award for the male student who excelled. I do not give out the award every year, only to those student(s) that achieved it. Two years ago, the fine arts added the “Renaissance” award for those students that: played in the band, got an award in art, participated in the yearly show and sports team.

What is so interesting in this, is in January students start talking about awards. Since our profession has countless award shows, it only makes sense that we should have a yearly awards ceremony. I have the stage crew set up all the lights, we have a “slide show” of all the events we did, in the art room, band room, and various performing venues.

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