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Home Curriculum “Can I…” versus “the project is…”

“Can I…” versus “the project is…”

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This is my new battle cry for my MIDI lab. Students are cons stately coming up to my desk asking me if they can change up their project. They have some incredible ideas and thoughts about their specific projects. Some student prefers to have many small projects, while others seem to enjoy the time to expand their project. I hate “cookie-cutter” projects where every student is doing the same thing. I allow for individual preferences, this is what technology is all about. Preferences are the key component. It can be quite stressful in the beginning doing an iMovie, iWeb, GarageBand, Flash, and students video-taping in the hall, but much is learned.

I will expand on this thought at a later time and show examples of a working creative MIDI classroom.

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