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Being Connected

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I had some interesting things happen in the last day and half. First, I had my two techheads come rushing down to tell me that Apple had just released a new iTouch – 32 gig. During lunch they have their personal iTouch on for updates about Apple releases. They knew about the new release within a minutes. Today I had my other two eighth grade techheads set up my sourround sound in my classroom, attached to the Playstation 2 gaming. I tried to get to back together after taking it apart for my presentation at IMEA. They had it back together within ten minutes. I had spent over an hour trying to figure it out.

What do these two stories have in common:

  • Not taught in school by any educators
  • Figured out by themselves
  • Life skills
  • Passion for learning in a specific area

Not to acknowledge that students have the skills to participate in today’s world is wrong. These four students are not considered overly bright, at times they are bored in school. But, guess what, we want these students to “fix” our problems. We need these students. They are the future and we must find a way to service and acknowledge their talents and skills.

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