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Home Curriculum iTouches in the Music Room!

iTouches in the Music Room!

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I just got the approval to get at least twelve iTouches in the Music Room, plus Wii Music with eight games. My students are going to go WILD over this. The app store has a lot of free, or nearly free apps that are instruments that you can play. I won’t pay for any app over $5.00. A FREE instrument, a student could have in their hands to create and play! I want to get an ensemble together with the various instruments to start an iTouch Band! Of course I will video record this. I got the idea from (you guessed it) youtube!

The list of apps so far:

Mini Piano




Retro Synth


If you have any others, please comment. Would love to get entire bank of instruments, the more the merrier!
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  2. Thanks for the info! Hope you share more of these stuffs. Your site has indeed a lot of tips and resources for music teachers like me.

  3. I don’t get why you won’t pay for any app over $5. Do you think that software developers shouldn’t get paid for their work?

  4. At this very moment I am sitting in a training talking about this very thing. All of our classrooms are getting iTouches, and at this time, the list of approved apps for music contains ZERO apps. (We’re always overlooked.) So I am searching for some. I will be looking at the ones you suggested, but we’re only permitted to download apps that are free at this time.

    Here are the ones I found in case you’re interested:
    Gibson Learn & Master Guitar
    Pocket Shaker

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