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Apply and Reach for the Stars

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I was a musician, before I was a teacher. As a musician you learn at an early age that you do not every part you tryout for. It is said you get 10% of the parts, so tryout for EVERYTHING. The more you tryout, the better you get at it. So, I have taken this same motto in applying for grants, presentations, awards, and/or anything I might reach for, even if on the face of it I have no way of getting it.

I am NOT a writer. I think the highest grade I received in High School was a B minus in English. I much prefer performing and talking to others; presenting myself is really my forte. So, applying for any award, in writing, is extremely stressful for me. I re-read and edit so many times, that I could almost memorize what I have written. But, I continue to apply and amazingly many things happen.

This year has been nothing but amazing. I am humbled every time I receive an award or presentation due to the writing. This is the amazing part of this.

So, if any of you think you can’t write a grant, award, or present – DO IT. You will amaze yourself and see yourself reach for the STARS.

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