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Home Curriculum My sabbatical at Northwestern: To create. To learn. To experience.

My sabbatical at Northwestern: To create. To learn. To experience.

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Go Cats!

As part of the Golden Apple Award, I attended Northwestern University for spring quarter starting from March 30-June 7, 2009. Here is my reflection of the “once in a lifetime” experience.

My composition class with Dr. Maud Hickey was nothing but incredible. It made me see the beginning stages of how we compose to the most complex composition process. I had an extremely classical experience as a child and up through college, so it was not until I started teaching and attended the Vermont MIDI Project’s summer workshop that I became interested in improvisation and composing. I am completely hooked. I created a website with my compositions I created on sabbatical. Thank you Maud for creating a class of improvisation and creating music.

My second class was a graduate music curriculum class with Dr. Janet Barrett. Her knowledge and passion with curriculum motivated me to create and post my entire music curriculum online. She gave of her time to listen and give me excellent feedback on my many papers and thoughts, thanks so much! Her resources and depth of knowledge was a highlight of the sabbatical. So many people have asked me to put in writing what I do and the resources I use. To have someone who is the leader in the field show me how to do this was fabulous. http://beatechie.pbworks.com/

My voice lessons with Dr. Bob Heitzinger on Mondays at 1:30 gave me focus again. This is how I got started in music and by having private lessons again made me feel like a kid again. For the entire nine weeks I was always thinking of when I was going to practice and what. Those musicians out there understand this, for your practice time takes over your life. I love this feeling. He is an excellent teacher and I am studying with him this summer as well.

The Thursday afternoon seminar series with all of us, created a bond that will never leave me. Penny Lundquist, a 1986 Fellow lead the group through TED talks and 21st century skills.  Our discussions and presentations from each of us was a representative of the ardor each one of us brings to the classroom.  If I could say one word that describes the Golden Apple Class of 2008 is PASSION. In addition, we created a wiki for others to use that best reflects our fervor to learn and share. http://goldenapple.pbworks.com/

On a personal note, my maternal grandmother graduated from Northwestern University in 1923. The Music Administration Building used to be a dorm many years ago, and yes, the same dorm my grandmother lived in! The staircases have a short rise, since the women all wore dresses and this allowed them to “glide” up the stairs quickly and gracefully. This connection ninety years later is amazing; I even composed a song for “Doris.

Finally, since I am an Ohio State graduate, I couldn’t push myself to get any “gear,” my friends in Ohio would disown me, so that was the only negative thing I have to say. I couldn’t wear any of MY college t-shirts to class. Just putting the Northwestern logo on this site was all I could do.

I want to thank the Golden Apple Foundation for the incredible experience that has recharged and energized me to create, learn and experience. If you would like any information about the Foundation, please visit www.goldenapple.org

The websites and wiki’s I created

My compositions
Music curriculum
Golden Apple Class of 2008 wiki

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  1. Hi Carol,

    Sounds like a wonderful and meaningful experience. I cannot wait to read how this experience will reflect in your teaching.

    Thanks for sharing!

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