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My Two Worlds

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I live in two worlds: Music and Technology. I am that weird bird that enjoys both and needs both. In my worlds, I don’t interact the same, I don’t create the same, and I don’t feel the same. The two worlds really don’t interact the same, yet they have the same qualities. To be “good” at them, they both demand a lot of time, lots of practice, and expect you are creative. Many techies are musical, however, not many musicians are techies.

In my Music world, performance and creating music are the driving force. The early adapters in this world thrive on the performance and creating music. The internet is an afterthought. Actually, they really don’t even need the internet at all. Their connection is face-to-face and on a personal level.

In my Technology world, hardware and software drive the bus. People are plugged in, connected, and multi-task. The more people you can communicate with the better.  The early adapters are talking about “things” not performance. How to get “things” to work. Ah yes, sound is an afterthought. They really don’t need sound.

So, you can see that trying to get my two world in sync is quite a constant battle. I jump back and forth between my worlds, trying to make sense of it. Boy, I love it;-)

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