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Home Classroom Teach “naked” will speed up the learning process!

Teach “naked” will speed up the learning process!

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A parent in my district recently sent me an article “When Computers Leave the Classroom, so does boredom” by Jeffery Young. Professors use podcasts BEFORE the lecture and require students to come prepared to discuss. He felt the collaboration and discussion within his lecture hall had suffered when he used technology – i.e. PowerPoints! But, sadly many think if they just stand up there and show a PowerPoint they are teaching! This is exactly the point.

He uses podcasts instead for his lectures.  He requires the student to listen to the podcast BEFORE class, so the student comes prepared to DISCUSS and ASK questions concerning the topic. Technology should ENHANCE the presentation, not BE the presentation. That is exactly what the article suggests, having more time during the “class” time for discussion.

This is how we will change education. We need to speed up the education process, not slow it down. Having the lecture as a podcast, then discussion on the topic is the first wave of the change!

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  1. I like the idea, but there IS a technology divide. I still get students in high school who have no computer at home and have never used them at any real level at school. Many of these kids do not have smart phones, or even MP3 players. Podcasts before class would simply not be watched. For lack of ability if nothing else.

    But it is worth thinking about….

  2. Yes, Mark, …. and
    Almost all households have dvd or cd players… so… podcasts could be distributed on DVDs or CDs — media is cheap these days (10-25 cents per disc in bulk) — just a thought.


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