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Home Curriculum C.O.B. = Create, Organize, and Backup

C.O.B. = Create, Organize, and Backup

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I have created a new protocol in the MIDI lab. Do the C.O.B.

My students create at an unbelievable pace: compositions, movies, and multi-media projects. Just look at all the postings I do on www.carolbroos.com Many students even work at home with their files. As they create, the sometimes forget where they saved or the name of the file they saved. Upon finishing a project, students are reminded to organize their files. You should see the excitement to have the time to really organize their files. I am extremely lucky that students login directly to the server, so the school backs up most of their files. However, in the classroom, they have 1:1 and use laptops, they must “connect to server” in order to have files on the server. So, they tend to dump their files directly into the “documents” folder, with no organization.

Over the course of the semester, I actually sit with each student and I look at their account to see their organization. Some students color-code, others are folder-crazy, like their teacher. I have to remind the students certain folder names are “off limits” such as: Music, Pictures, Movies, Documents, Drop Box, etc. These folders already exist. I suggest “My Music” for their classroom music files that are not iTunes or GarageBand.

After they organize, they backup on a jump drive.

I use this method with a lot of different accounts. Weekly, I organize my del.icio.us account. On Saturdays or any night before I present, I backup my entire laptop. I also have an iDisk, part of .mac. This is where I keep all my documents, not directly on my laptop or home computer. I backup the entire iDisk on Saturdays as well. Why?  Just in case the internet is down, I have copies of all the files.

Ironically, backup is the most important thing you can do, then organize and finally create. I LOVE to create, and the other two are not part of my personality. But, over the years, I really have improved my organization and backup procedures.

So, do the COB – Create, Organize, and Backup.

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  1. Carol,
    This is brilliant, once again. Right-brain activities where creative ideas abound are so fun…until we can’t find the file next time around. Yes! C.O.B. is the way to operate. OK. Pass the butter — we’re having some (corn on the) C.O.B. tonight!


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